Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Our First Cruise! On Shore on Catalina!

We had such a great time on our cruise!  It was such a great experience and adventure!  I am going to basically let all the pictures tell the story!

 This was on the ferry to the first port on our cruise which was Catalina Island.  We were so excited and ready to go!

The view of Catalina Island from the ferry was so pretty.   This is what they call the Casino.  It isn't actually a casino they called it an entertainment center.

I'm not sure what these are.  Condos?  Apartments?  They looked so neat terraced on the side of the island.

We made it to the beach of Catalina...now what are we going to do?

The town and the houses were so neat and tropical.

The main entrance to the shops.

We decided that we not only wanted to see the island but we wanted to get a little exercise as well.  It was so fun to ride the bikes around the island!

What a view!  It was fun to catch them riding right by the ocean with the ship in the distance.

A nice shot of the cruise ship.

Taking a little break...Darius was not happy that he was the only one required to wear a helmet!

Posing for the camera on our break.

A good shot of Tyanne in front of the ocean and the ship.

We had our swimming suits and were also ready to go in the water later on.  It was a little difficult to keep our hats on while riding and taking pictures!

Taking a stroll along the shops.

It sometimes was a little difficult staying out of the way of traffic.

Luckily most of the traffic were small cars or golf carts.

The streets and the island were so green!

OK they left me...I better catch up!

A side view of the Casino, I wish we could have went and looked inside, but it cost just to go in we didn't want to see it that bad.

It was just a beautiful ride, the weather was gorgeous!  Not too hot, not too cold!

We hit the end...now back the other way.

Tyanne just catching a photo shoot!

Yes...people were jealous that they were not riding a bike...I got to hear many of those comments!  Since I was at the end.

We had to make sure we obeyed all the traffic laws and stop at the stop signs.

Up the mountain we go...that was rough.  We were going to go to the botanical gardens, but we got about half way there and decided that we wanted to go snorkeling instead.  The ride down the hill on the other hand was awesome!

Well here are quite a few more from Catalina we had a blast!  

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